So what happens when you balance someones energy?

When you balance someones energy the person becomes closer to their natural state which is relaxation and wellbeing.

A balanced energy system allows for flow and ease in being, bringing you into the now. When residing in the now moment with an ease in the body mind and spirit there is calm and peace. You are not thinking about tomorrow or next week you are here and now and enjoying the moment.  You may feel more connected to your spirit and that makes everything more easily taken in. All the concerns and worries are smoothed out so you can experience your world without all the demands of fearfulness and stress.

It can take away the magnification of problems and put them in their proper perspective. The mind can temporarily rest in the flow without grasping for safety. When you can practice being in that relaxed state the high highs and the low lows are taken out of life experiences. There can be more happiness and generous out look. You may feel less judgmental towards your fellow human family. You can feel compassion for even the most “distasteful” person.

All the conditioned responses have a slight delay so you can see where you are responding from and have choice of your reaction.

This may not happen over night but does happen with practice and gentleness towards yourself.

One night I had a dream that you could see a person how they started out. The dreamed showed me how we all start out the same, basically a blank slate. It looked like white chalk being dipped in color, then redipped and so on until the chalk is full of color. We are all colored differently because not one of us has had the same experience or perspective.  As we go through life’s experiences we are colored by each place in our life where we weren’t allow to have emotion or when we felt scared. These colorations built on the way the next color was applied and so on until we have been shaped and colored by all kinds of experiences. We end up with a mosaic of color and stories that we see our world through. This in turn shapes our experience as humans. We are intelligent and creative beings and learning to create and evolve consciously is an art of being.

Sometimes if the conditions are right the person will feel some emotion that needed to be expressed in order for the energy centre to come into balance. Most often though people will feel relaxed more relaxed then they have ever felt I hear often.

Feeling emotion balances the energy in the body. Your organs hold emotions and tell the story of your energy system. Through balancing techniques the body naturally will come into balance it is like a remembering. When the body remembers that it is not separate then it will come into balance.


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