what my clients say about working with me

Over the years that I have been seeing Aldona, my path has twisted and turned and churned through change and chaos, and she has been a calming, steady hand, welcome ear, and studied guide through some of my most difficult moments. I always leave a session rejuvenated and filled with purpose and peace. The value she has provided to my inner world is immeasurable, and I count her unquestionably as one of the most important people in my life.  Matt Pike

As someone who struggles with being in tune with my body, I found Aldona’s energy healing helped me focus on my body and actually listen to it.  Since having the energy healing, I’ve been much more aware of the rhythms of rest my body needs to be healthier.  I also have been more relaxed and less anxious.  The healing enabled me to identify some key issues that have been holding me back, particularly at work, and I no longer feel stuck in a rut.  I would recommend Aldona’s healing for anyone dealing with grief and trauma.

Karen Nilson author

Aldona has helped me work through a range of challenges and opportunities. She has a broad array of tools and disciplines from a range of spiritual practices, and has a way of finding helpful approaches by drawing across all of them. I’ve been very impressed as well by her transparency and clarity in her explanations – trust is obviously an important part of this process, but she does not ask for blind trust, she walks you through all that she sees and is doing, and why. There’s a great deal of comfort and security in knowing that help from Aldona is always just one appointment away if I need it!

Ben Logan

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Aldona for many years now. Her expert knowledge and strong intuitive abilities act as a steady guide and provide grounded support. Aldona skillfully weaves together energy medicine, astrology, Inner Presence Coaching, and what I would call soul work, into a unique tapestry that’s deeply personal for each person. I have found this combination of healing to be quite potent in assisting with preconception and prenatal care, in addition to a variety of life transitions, personal conflicts, and health crisis. Her ability to connect, witness, reflect, and transform is truly a gift.

Avyanna Grace

Aldona Shea has a natural rhythm and flow into the depths of her client.  I am fortunate to be one of her clients.  I go into session open for whatever comes to the surface.  Each time, Aldon guides me deeper into myself while she meanders through my energy with her knowledge and spirit. She is able to sense and intuit energy so well, she spots places that are ready for movement, allowing a clearing and recharging.  I leave having removed all that needed to be released and I received energy flowing into me that I needed at the time.  Each session allows me to step more fully into my truth and that allows a reality for my life that is balanced.  My body always feels rejuvenated and calm.  I highly recommend Aldona. 

 Kathy Egan, Restorative Energy Practitioner


As a practitioner myself, I’m consistently amazed by Aldona’s precision and multi-dimensional understanding of what ails me physiologically and emotionally, while tenderly holding space for integration at the source level.  Most of all, she practices what she preaches – the power of her own healing practices, experience and transformation come to powerfully bear in every session!

-J Ho, LAc
As a healer with a more scientific background, I’m grateful to have a teacher like Aldona who can address the intuitive side of the process. She is deeply connected to what’s going on inside of me. Sometimes more so than I am aware of myself and the way she weaves astrology into my story line creates a well-rounded explanation for my emotional, physical, and spiritual questions and concerns. We are fortunate to be gifted by her wisdom in our community.

Prior to beginning emotional release I felt defeated and desperate about my constant chronic headache of 5 years, and had very little hope of ever knowing what the absence of pain felt like. All other forms of treatment from medical diagnostics and medications, to acupuncture and physical therapy proved insufficient to relieve the constant pain in my head and the accompanying headache.


After the initial session I felt as if a weight had been lifted from me and I began a journey of detox and self discovery which has not only allowed me to find relief from the pain, but also to see life as a gift and my body as a well oiled machine capable of healing itself.


I was surprised at my bodies own receptiveness to the healing hands and energy balancing of Aldona Shea, and how I could truly feel the pain and tension leaving my body (i.e. Tingles, heaviness in my limbs, tightness at the trauma release points, and a voice from deep within that finally could be heard). Within 3 sessions I had naturally stopped using the pain medications and lacked the need for emergency dry needling appointments, but the best part was the peace I began to feel.


My life has taken on a new perspective, as I began to see my pain as my body communicating a need to me which I could hear and respond to, rather than rating it on a scale of severity and debilitation. I look at my health and my desires as priorities rather than something to do if there is time, and I am thankful for my bodies ability to now deal with stress and tension in healthy ways, rather than bottling and creating pain from within. I also have a hope for the future, that is not centered around the “what if my headache never goes away’ but rather around “If I want it and I believe it, my body will always follow my mind, so be mindful of what you think’. Think Positive, Live Positive.


I would ABSOLUTLY recommend Aldona to others, and in fact I have. Emotional Release was helpful to me when all other conventional therapies, and some unconventional had been tried. I believe the universe aligned me with exactly what I needed at exactly the time I was ready to be open and receptive to the bigger picture and truly open and understanding of our own unique healing abilities. Aldona has a unique and wonderful gift of truly hearing the voices of our hearts and minds and being a superb guide through the sometimes forgotten lands of our inner soul. I hope others come to know and rejoice in Aldona’s gifts and the total body/mind/spirit wellness she guides her clients to.

This was my first experience with energy work, but after 4+ sessions, it will NOT be my last. I truly believe in the power of energy balancing and ‘divine’ empathic healing and I understand we as humans all always have something we can improve or better ourselves; and sometimes energy balancing is the best way to open that channel to healing and personal improvement. What better ways to being the journey but at the hands of someone who truly understands and is there to guide you and be your personal cheerlead to your own personal success.

Felicia Nix

Working with Aldona gave me a whole new set of tools to work with as a healer and as individual. Aldona presents a whole new way of understanding emotions and our inner world.  Aldona’s energy work in combination with her intuition, her approach, and her deep understanding of the etherial and physical bodies creates a beautiful unfolding of the inner world that evolves a person on all levels of being.

Shannon Rupert

Innate Wellness

Bio-energetic Balancing


I have done energy work before in person and I didn’t know if it would be as effective as over the phone.  I was definitely proven wrong, energy is energy.  She has the ability to tap into your energy flow and find out where the flow is being obstructed.

Working with Aldona I have gotten to feel a sense of peace within in some of the darkest spots of my life.  I have felt relief of emotional pain that has been holding me back from achieving goals, dreams and wishes in my life.  I have also felt a relief of physical pain that was emotionally related in nature.

The phone work allows me to open up more than I did in “live” sessions.  I love her sense of compassion, empathy and caring that you can feel while in session.  Aldona has a certain grace that you can feel while working with her.  Her whole persona depicts strength and radiance.

I now know how to recognize the physical symptoms of emotional pain which I had no idea prior to working with Aldona.  

I would recommend Aldona to anyone who is struggling in life with physical pain. There could be an emotional cause that cannot be treated with traditional Western medicine or medicines.  I thought for years my physical pain was simply that, physical, when in reality it is emotional.  I would also recommend Aldona to anyone who is interested in becoming more aware of their body, mind and soul.  There is a certain awareness that you begin to feel after a few sessions that guides you in interacting with others in all aspects of your life.

Energy healing is a very different way of thinking, but a divine and freeing way of thinking. 

You can trust Aldona with your deepest, fears, thoughts, emotions, feelings and flaws and know there is no judgment behind it.  The fear of sharing disappears quickly into the session.

Aldona is one of the most radiant, compassionate and brightest souls I have ever met spoke to and worked with.  She has an amazing natural gift that is hard to find in an energy healer.  Speaking with her will change how you view yourself, your life and your entire being.  The safety I feel and the ease that I walk away with after working with Aldona is indescribable.  Feeling safe and secure while sharing vulnerable information is so important and there is no doubt about sharing anything with her.  Aldona is a strong woman whom empowers others to live the life she lives.  It has completely changed my life and I will forever be a client.

  Kate Donoghue RN


I would recommend a session with Aldona to anyone who is looking for personal insight and growth or may feel unbalanced and blocked.

–  If I had to describe my inner world before our session I would say it was, bumpy, tight, blocked and unfocused.

 If I had to to describe myself after our session I would say how much lighter I felt..like a weight was lifted and I understood myself so much better.  I felt full and happy and relieved to have been able to connect with emotions that were locked inside of me, that were now released.  

I really left this healing feeling alive and refreshed.  It was wonderful in every sense.

 Lauren Moody

Jewerly Designer

Fox and Beaux.com


 Aldona came highly recommended from a friend.

During and immediately after the session I had some remarkable insights about emotional patterns that have been running under the surface in my life, and impacting me in challenging ways. As the days progressed post-session, I have been able to use tools you taught me to shift and re-frame these patterns, resulting in a lot more internal peace and harmony – which in and of itself, is priceless.

The energy work was powerful, and you weren’t afraid to work with me to uncover what needed to be uncovered. I felt very well cared for during the session, even as we were doing intense work.

This work has helped me to be more in integrity in my personal relationships.

 I’d recommend Aldona to anyone looking for an opportunity to heal old patterns and wounds that are negatively impacting present-day life.

Aldona will journey with them to places they need to see, and hold space for their healing in a very supportive and safe manner.


 Ellen Kittredge

Nutritional Coach and Healer


I had been going to see Ms. Shea for several years on a regular basis for massage therapy, but I really wasn’t much Interested In the energy healing because I wasn’t sure I really believed in the”New Ageystuff”. But when I developed an exercise allergy that a respected allergist was unable to treat, I decided to just try it. My allergy would kick in when I pushed a little too hard at the gym and manifest in several ways. SometImes I coughed, other times I couldn’t breathe, as if I was out of shape, and still other times I would begin sneezing and my nose ran like a faucet. It would be worse if I had any caffeine that day. It took quite a little pile of Benedryl and a couple of days to stop it. After two sessions of pure energy healing–during which time I just fell asleep almost instantly–it stopped happening. It’s been about 8 months and I’ve been in 3 racquetball tournaments, one time playing for over 5 hrs. In a day, and I have not had a recurrence. I still don’t understand it, but you can’t argue with results.

Val0rie Marrot.


Aldona’s energy healing skills provide me with a balanced feeling, both

physically and mentally. I leave the office feeling stronger and ready to

face any old or new stressors.

Betsy Ervin


Aldona is intuitive, perceptive and curious, driven by her obviously strong desire to help. I felt certain that Aldona would be able to help me.

She is always learning and improving her knowledge and techniques, and sharing what she learns with her clients. Aldona communicates verbally and intuitively and is extremely perceptive. She takes in as much information as she puts out, which is why her information is vital.

Before a session with Aldona I feel frazzled, but always anticipating relief because of my scheduled session. After the session I feel Calm, relaxed and strong, able to face things “out there” with more grace and presence.

 Jane Kennelly ceo


Aldona has a true gift to heal people, and I am so thankful that she came into my life. Friends highly recommended Aldona to help me, as I was experiencing much stress, anxiety, and sadness in my life.  Aldona helped me to feel such intense healing after our first session; I wanted to continue working with her.

I was having such overwhelming feelings of fear, anger, unhappiness; I wondered how Aldona could sense this over the phone without seeing me in person.

I was surprised at how quickly Aldona understood the feelings I was having and how she could explain the healing process so well.  She was able to help me achieve a sense of calm that was so unique. I had never felt these sensations before this session with Aldona.

Aldona is a gifted communicator and was able to lead me through the healing process very easily.  Aldona was able to work with many difficult emotions that came up during our session.

I had physical sensations that occurred during our session.  Aldona’s ability to guide her clients allowed me to experience a sense of safety while exploring my emotions.Although I am still having difficulty understanding how to become connected to the earth, or being grounded.

My inner world before meeting Aldona was one of many confused emotions.  It was a blender filled with unhappiness, sadness, exhaustion, and anger. Trying to please everyone around me.

: After working with Aldona my reactions to the stress around me has changed.  I have an inner sense of calm that I draw upon everyday. I can communicate my true feelings to others without fear. 

Aldona, you truly do have a unique gift to reach into the human psyche and help your clients deal with such intense and difficult issues.  Thank you for helping to heal the pain and confusion that I have carried inside of me for so many years.  You are a blessing to the world.

 Cindy Tennor


I am so grateful to have found Aldona. She has helped me work out long standing issues that have been haunting me for lifetimes. I would recommend her highly. She can help on any level; physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. She is truly gifted and compassionate.  Rachel Frezza

 Before having a session with Aldona I felt ungrounded, chaotic and confused, after the session I felt like a superhero with cape! I was delighted with all the helpful and wise information I’ve gotten from Aldona. We did deep inner work, she recognized some of my deep hurts and patterns and has been very helpful in clearing them.

 Kela Cerrto


My first session with Aldona  I felt totally safe, which would not be how I would normally react. During our session I felt a sense of safety and also inspiration. I was delighted and wanted to come back.

Working with Aldona, again, is safe and inspiring.  I felt free to investigate my deeper feelings in certain areas.

 Tami Zoeller

Yoga teacher