No matter the problem, energy healing can help you resolve it.


                       No matter the problem, energy healing can help you resolve it.

   “Before having a session with Aldona I felt ungrounded, chaotic and confused. After the session I felt like a superhero with cape!“

With energy healing, you can shed long-standing issues, whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

 Imagine feeling more relaxed and less anxious — and having an  inner sense of calm instead of feeling fear or anger.

 Energy healing provides a direct connection to your intuition, helps you discover and release emotional blocks, and leaves you feeling more alive, peaceful, and refreshed, so you can handle situations in your life with grace and presence.

When you release the patterns and wounds that have blocked the vital flow of energy to your body and mind, you will feel clearer; physical, mental, and emotional problems will resolve; and you’ll have more integrity in your relationships as you learn to speak from your soul’s truth instead of mental conditioning.

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The Curated Soul

The Curated Soul

he definition of "curate" means to tend to the souls in the parish, it is a priests work to make sure all the parish participants are well cared for so they can care for the church. The curated soul is one that is cared for...