The definition of “curate” means to tend to the souls in the parish, it is a priests work to make sure all the parish participants are well cared for so they can care for the church. The curated soul is one that is cared for by you. Tending your soul can be a daunting task when you think about it, first you have to remember and accept that you have a soul and that it has been through many life times and will likely go through many more. That in it self is difficult to remember on a day to day basis because we easily get caught up in our materials lives and the job of maintaining the body and the “lifestyle” that we have.

Once we have the concept firmly grasped and we remember everyday that we are in it for the long haul so to speak, we can turn our attention to creation, healing the soul and filling the parts of us that need attention with compassion and love.

The first step to this is in the healing of the first 3 energy centers that are a part of our energy body. Once these are healed we can create the life we choose to live.

The first energy center is the energy at the base of the spine it vibrates to the color of vibrant red and is the energy center that grounds us the earth and provides us with all that we need. Feeling safe and secure is the hallmark of a balance base center. Being connected to nature and the cycles of life helps this center stay healthy.

The second energy center is our connection to self and others relationships, creativity, vibrates to the color orange and is located just below the belly button. Children, sex, and making a buck are easy when this center is healthy. The internal relationship of masculine and feminine is also crucial here for if these parts of you are in conflict it feels life you are walking through mud or constantly treading water. We need both masculine and feminine energy to create and move forward in our lives.

The third center is the solar plexus center it vibrates to the color yellow and is located just above the belly button. It can affect digestion and is connected to all the organs that digest your food. When you have a balanced solar plexus you are confident and have clear thinking, you are able to move freely through the world with the right use of will.

When these lower centers are balanced and free they create a human being that is happy and healthy. The soul can move forward with it’s mission of inspired inspiration with ease. Don’t forget your here in this body for a short time and to curate your life in a way that the next life and the lives of all the souls you meet are benefitted and create harmony. We are all in this together for the long haul.


Soul EnergySoul energy is a book about, the energy of the body mind and soul.

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