A word or two about vibration.

Vibration or frequency is what we are learning to hear or tune in to when we are learning to decern, our thoughts, the thoughts of other and mass consciousness thoughts or the thoughts or communication from higher beings.

I do not operate on the same vibration I did when I was a child (but wish I did). I don’t operate on the same vibration of when I was in my twenties or even my thirties (thank goodness for that, personally those ages were difficult for me). I’ve always been really sensitive and many times i’ve been told that I am too sensitive. Which to me is not a bad thing most of the time.

For a long time I hid this sensitivity from others and even myself by drinking and smoking and just basically over doing everything. In any case being sensitive has it’s draw backs even if you are aware of it you still have to learn which feeling is yours and which is your neighbors quite literally.  Sensitive people have more mirror neurons then most people which enables them to feel what others are feeling. Mirror neurons are thought to be essential in having compassion for others.

We live in a sea of vibration and frequency it may seem haphazard and random but we are all drawn to the experiences we shine with or have resonance with. We shine and radiate out our beliefs and fears and unprocessed emotions and glide along the wave of our own universe.

I assure you everyone is having an experience that is truly their own, but at the same time supports the total experience of everyone else in their sphere of influence in their time line and dimension. Something like a shared dream if you will.

I don’t pretend to know about time lines and dimensions but the more you become aware and clear your energy field so that you can fine tune your senses things become infinitely more interesting.

You will find that everything is alive and willing to participate if you are able to interact consciously with it. That means literally everything that has form has consciousness that holds it in that physical form. Never mind things that don’t have visible form. Life as we know it changes with this magical perspective a non-dual , macro-micro perspective that becomes a way of seeing and participating in a world that talks back to you. 

When you become aware of your world and see everything as vibration everything changes. You begin to master what you would like to feel, hear and see. Your desires become manifest much quicker and you live with the feeling of connectedness and support that has always been there waiting for you to notice it.


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