Consciousness = energy

In the body of a human and for that matter in the body of everything there are specific places that hold  energy. We hold energy/emotions/consciousness in the body not only in the brain. In fact our body is one big brain and reflection of our beliefs and perspectives.

We are basically light beings these energy centers would look like refracted light or a rainbow.

Each color of the rainbow has a different frequency and corresponds to it’s matching emotion and place in the body or meridian.

I have seen this over and over again working with clients that the emotion will very specifically go with a certain part of the body like a limb or organ or it is either along a meridian or right in the area of the part of the body that holds that specific color/vibration/emotion/consciousness.

I’ve found that you can empathize directly with thought to these energies and when they feel heard the body can relax. Often I will just reflect back to a the person body what I am hearing on that mental level and the energy moves and pain magically diminishes considerably .

When you work with the human body you are working with  consciousness and with energy on all levels, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.

You are working with a multi level being who has learned to flow their energy in a certain way and it is possible to learn to read a person and their emotions with practice and time. It is predictable and follows general guild lines so that from one person to the next there are similarities when similar emotions are not fully expressed.

It is possible to learn to read the human body on every level and access  unexpressed consciousnesses to relieve pain and create a healing environment that creates lasting change.

Here are some examples of what you might experience if you have emotions/consciousness/energy that needs to be released in your being.

If your relationships never seem to work out or are difficult this could be the sacral energy centre that is out of balance or holds a belief or energy that says “relationships never work for me”. Or something life this ‘I always have a hard time with people”.

If your confidence is waning and you never seem to complete things then that could be your solar plexus energy center. If you are having anxiety all the time about small things then that could be your heart energy center and so on.

The base energy center that connects with the earth is your home your way of making money , how you connect with the natural world and where you belong.

This base area can have to do with sex and power and security.

Being grounded can have it’s advantages.

Healthy sex life and attitude about sex is balanced base and sacral area.

Sometimes it can seem that we have no control or power over the way we feel. To know the why is to know the way back to harmony, peace and contentment.

To know that we are not random that each organ and each part of our body has meaning each part of our life has meaning. Your connections to the earth matters. Your connection to your self and others matter. You and your energy matter in this world to you , you are your whole world and the way you see it is what matters.

How I see things matters in my world. You have much more power then you are led to believe. Believe you have power and you do . And the opposite is also true.


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