Most people forget that we are here as spiritual beings. Every day you have to do the things that you think you must do to survive here on planet earth. Only would if you didn’t have to do things like pay the rent eat and use the bathroom? I know that it seems crazy that these things are a major part of life and without doing these things we would certainly die, right? Well I’ve been seeing things lately that have been changing my mind about most of those things mentioned above.

There’s a story on the internet about a man in India that lives on spiritual energy alone. He has been checked out by scientist and observed extensively and has proven you don’t need to eat or even drink water to survive here. He absorbes spiritual energy from the sun doing something called sungazing. Just like plants absorb water from the air and nutrients from the sun to grow.

What would you do with your time if you didn’t have to eat and drink? What would you do with your time? Really what I’m saying is there are many ways to live here. There are many things we don’t know about life and even ourselves. We can look at life differently if we open our minds and think of the possibilities. What we think is impossible can be possible if we believe that it is.

There was another story that we came across recently about a man who regrew his teeth after being in a fight no once but three times. Simply because he believed that he could and actually because he didn’t know better.

Would if you could learn to clear out your energy body that holds the energy and beliefs of life times? What would happen if you learned how to clean out old beliefs and energy that holds you to things that may not be true, for instance your expected life span. Would if everyone believed we could live to be 130 would it not be so?


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