You don’t have to know everything about the particular system you are working with you only have to know that it does exists. The system has it’s own consciousness and knows how to balance if you can remind it that it is connected to the whole or a supporting part. It’s supporting energy or have empathy that it is having to do things without a balancing partner.

Without this frequency = intention , concentration and passion behind the act not much will happen.

Knowing how your emotions are related to your physical body gives you the power to create a world that you want to live in.

Allowing for the expression of difficult emotions is healing physically and emotionally when done with empathy and presence.

When we tend to emotions with empathy and compassion we clear the way for new life experiences and often experience the polar opposite of the emotion we were holding in because we unconsciously believed it to hard to feel.  In my own experience the harder the emotion to feel that I was suppressing the more free and alive and happy I feel in the days after the expression of the “difficult” emotion. Then that new happiness and ease becomes your new set point and you become happier and happier. Your lows are less low and you feel even most of the time.

You start to care for yourself in away that you have never before experienced.

When we care for ourselves we can care for others, when we have the ability to care for others we can care for our environment when we care for our environment we care for the earth. We all have the ability to send love to the universe and as creators of our world when we have this knowledge we have the obligation to do this every day send love send a loving balm across the earth and the universe. It is you , you are it, we are one.

That perspective however is hard to keep going if you are having trouble paying the bills. Your internal experience is the most important one your are having and when you keep this as a sacred practice continually reminding yourself of the love that is available to you , your outside experience will soon match your inner one.

This is where faith comes in just try for more then a few days and you will soon see for your self. Fear will disappear and compassion and love takes its place.

So the importance of repeated  practice is what changes your life. It changes your brain and changes the way you think and changes your vibration that you send out into the universe and the universe responds by sending you like vibratory experiences. The hard part is getting past the stage where nothing is happening and just keep the faith keep letting the emotions that are difficult in the face of trying to change your experience and keep practicing love and compassion for yourself your body your life and the lives of those around you.

Have reverence for your journey as a human being and bring that reverence in to all that you do every day , especially the mundane. Have reverence for the most common experiences and life will start to amaze you in the simplicity of joy that is ready to jump into place as you make space in your experience and play at life. Love life and all that it shows you.

 As you get to know yourself better you will be able to heal yourself emotionally physically and spiritually all through your awareness and compassion you have for your own imperfect, perfect human experience.


Soul EnergySoul energy is a book about, the energy of the body mind and soul.

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