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visionary Energy healing level one course

 Introduction to Energy Healing

The fastest way to develop your intuitive skills is to work with the human energy system. With your own spiritual body and with others either way this is the point of access to the intuitive spiritual  world. 

This introductory class is for the beginner energy healer. You will be able to use what you learn in this class to help others heal.

If you have ever wanted to develop a healing practice taking this class will give you the tools you need to do it. The first steps are to develop the knowledge of the spiritual anatomy and how to access it through your higher senses. Your extrasensory perceptions connect you to the world that is unseen and this is also where the scaffolding for emotional, physical, and spiritual roots are. Every class will include experiential exorcizes to develop your extra-sensory abilities.

We’ll look at the most important skill sets for energy healing which are self compassion, presence and the deep knowing that we are all connected. These three principals drive the engine for lasting change on a personal level and also a social level. When you explore this profession there is a lot of personal development that happens along the way. If you are willing and able to leave all assumptions at the door and keep your mind wide open you will discover for yourself the miracles of the human body and energy system.  

Aldona Shea  an energy healer, artist, massage therapist and has had a successful healing practice for 15 years. I’ve pulled together my most used and effective energy healing techniques to teach to beginner energy healers, massage therapist or just anyone interested in how energy healing can help them. This will be effective for self healing too. There will be time for practice so you can get feed back from others.

5 weeks of classes will be held in person at 207 Weaverville Road on Sundays 1-3pm . 

  • Subtle energy sensing.
  • The seven main energy centers and how to balance them.
  • How to connect with healing energy
  • How to bring in the healing energy of exactly what your clients needs.
  • How astrology can help you understand life patterns.
  • The importance of your own presence with clients.
  • Distance healing work, how to set a container for working with clients all over the globe from the comfort of your home. 

Week one

reiki level one and practice. You will receive the symbol for beginning reiki , what is energy? How to use it for healing. How to build your energy healing power.

Week two

getting creative crystal grids, using stones in a healing session. We will learn about three basic stones you can use to heal yourself and others, using sound to program crystals. Making crystal elixers. We will learn how the daoist used stones as medicine and how to create a healing session with therapeutic stones.   

Week three

The energy body , centers, levels layers and healing techniques. In this module we will learn about the energetic body, how it holds information and how it relates to the internal organs of the physical body. How to transform energy that is stagnant and why we even need to address these energies.  

Week four

meridians basic energetic meridian pair balancing , moving energy, intention

Week five

Astrology major life events correspond with certain ages this is related to your birth chart. Learning about macro micro concepts, as above so below. How the energy of the planets effect our lives collectively and individually. 

To register call Aldona 828-779-4294 or email aldona64@gmail.com or use the contact form below. 



introduction to Energy Healing is a 5-week course that introduces energy healing modalities to the beginner energy healer , starting with reiki level one and introducing advanced concepts and skills

Tuition Fee: $197


“I am so happy to announce Aldona Shea’s upcoming introduction to energy healing! Aldona has been my student and friend for about 15 years now, and is one of the people I respect most on this earth. She is wise and compassionate, and is that rare person who can communicate complex ideas in a way that is tangible for everyone. If you’re looking to explore the subtle dynamics of life, check out this class! I recommend it whole heartedly.”

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