This is a wall hanging art piece with semiprecious stones made with the intention of supporting healing practitioners in their healing room or work space. The stones were picked with the specific functions of clearing and transforming energy. After working with stones in my healing practice for a few years now I felt the need to have the stones so I could see them in the room so that they could influence the space and support me in my healing work. What ever stones or energy techniques I use on my clients this was made to set the energy of the space as a healing and nurturing room. You don’t need to be a healer to enjoy and feel the benefits of the stones being displayed in your space.

The central stone is Hemimorphite which helps one relax about the world and put attention to changing the self, which is the purpose of energy healing or body work for most practitioners.  There are four small gemmy green apatite stones which bring stability to the bones and support the client at the deepest level of being.  Then Scolecite is surrounding the apatite, bringing the energy down and out so the unwanted energy can be released through the bowels. Four rose quartz pyramids support the scolecite in this work by adding their sacred geometry pattern and is used in the mix to address emotional and inflammatory conditions, also  can open the heart center and move stagnant energy. Amazonite at the edges is for general moving and clearing of stagnation on all levels of being. There are four rhodonite stones in the very corners for moving and toning energy. Clear quartz fills in the spaces between the colored stones which helps to harmonize the mix. Lastly there are four pink calcites on the frame of the work, this stone is the best for intentional work, clears heat and allows for greater focus and clarity.

This art piece is designed to support the practitioner and the client to bring more love and healing intention to the work being done in the room. The 10 inch square and 2 inches deep wooden frame work supports the many crystals (listed above) embedded in this piece. Crystals hold specific frequencies for healing and enhance the energy of any room they are in. Besides being beautiful crystals are functional in assisting us in our emotional , physical and spiritual healing.


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